SIA AKTO is a relatively new company, however, stone working and arts are both profession and passion for its employees. Stone working is not a coincidence for the founder and leader of the workshop as the stone craftsmanship has been passed from generation to generation in his family.

Our goal is to preserve the core values and craftsmanship of the centuries-old trade and continue the traditions of cemetery culture caracteristic to the territory of Latvia. We acknowledge that the cemetery is a keeper of historically significant information because it is a part of cultural environment. Everything we do today will reflect our traditions and ability to preserve and pass along our cultural and historic heritage to the future generations.

SIA AKTO workshop specializes in production and installation of custom orders. We can provide consultation and recommendations for the most suitable solution. If needed, we can prepare a drawing of the gravestone and layout of the memorial site to be executed from natural stone.


Office / Shop

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Stone workshop

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Slokas iela 45 Jūrmala, LV-2015

We are located in Jurmala, the work is conducted on the territory of Latvia